The TangoJam Hamburg

Estimadas y estimados! A close embrace and a heartfelt welcome!
TangoJam Hamburg – June 27th to 29th 2014

We – the members of the team of organizers – are close friends and met and meet through and in Tango. We share the passion for Tango and its profound and beautiful music. We enjoy dancing among friends from all over Europe and the world and made friends with many Tangueras and Tangueros at each event we went to. We love the dancing as well as the being together with friends we don’t have the chance to see every time we would like to.

It is our main goal to bring all these friends together in an event, in one of the most beautiful cities of Germany in probably one of the most beautiful and matching locations that can be found.

To achieve this we will put together a group of friends that love to dance with one another, embrace each other, talk to each other, indulge in the music together, be quiet together and eat and drink together for a full weekend.

While we are aware that there are more friends around than we are able to allow joining – due to the capacity of the venue – we want to assure you that every dancer that cannot join is a loss to us. Please don’t feel rejected but embraced and invited to events to come.

We hope to embrace you in Hamburg!

Sebastiano, Carlo, Werner, Kathi, Jannek, Sandra